How your poorly designed main page can frustrate users

It is mind-boggling how inspite of so many free resources available online on how to design the main page and what is to be communicated, a lot of companies/organizations get it wrong – Oh-so-wrong.

I landed on this site – Vizury – a week back through their ad. I don’t quite remember what about the ad that made me click it, but all I remember is that it was a frustrating 20 minutes before I could even get a vague understanding of their offering.

Btw, this post is only an academic discussion on their ill-designed landing page. I have no opinion on their company or their product.

Some of the basic expectations which Vizury failed to meet

Lack of a clear headline

One of the most important components of your main page design should be the headline (H1 text) and secondly, the text that supports the headline. This is the best place to convey what you offer and convey that one value-add which sets you apart from your competitors.

Vizury - No Headline-1

If you miss the headline on your main page, you miss the first big opportunity to convert a casual visitor. It is akin to writing an article without a title.

A Misleading explanation

One of their main page sliders has this content


What would you conclude after reading this? It did make me wonder if they were into Big Data Analytics. That was my assumption but I wasn’t sure because there was no supporting text to explain the above any better.

After a few exasperated clicks and research, I did discover that their offering is … continue reading this article to understand my surprise discovery.

A ‘Why vizury’ that conveys very little

Here’s something from one of their main page sliders on ‘Why Vizury’. For one, at that stage, I didn’t yet know what Vizury was, to be able to fully appreciate ‘Why Vizury’. Let’s say, even if I intended to, it was a tad difficult in this case because their text conveys very little.


What do these text blocks mean? None of these blocks link to a page with any meaningful explanation either.

Jargon filled text

They have missed explaining the ‘What’ in their offering while attempting to address the ‘Why’ and the ‘How’ in their secondary pages. It  makes me wonder if they deliberately made it that way for some suspense!

Coming to the ‘How’, here’s the text:

How does Vizury do it?

Vizury’s Enterprise Class Digital Advertising Solution is underpinned by a proprietary, cutting edge technology platform. The platform is designed to aggregate and sift through vast amounts of data from various sources throughout the user life-cycle and extract meaningful insights that power highly pertinent, real-time, dynamic digital advertising.

The only useful thing that stuck with me from the above text was ‘digital advertising’. The rest got ignored as jargon.

How I figured out what exactly Vizury offers

Finally, I found this in one of their inner pages.

Vizury VRM is a premium solution that simplifies the way online businesses dynamically deliver compelling display Ads and convert drop off visitors into customers using a scientific, data driven approach.

And in another page, I came across this

Retargeting is a way of bringing back visitors that drop off your site by targeting them with highly pertinent Display Advertising and converting them into buyers.

Putting these disparate information together, I concluded that they are an advertising platform for retargeting ads to visitors.

How has Adroll (Vizury’s competitor) nailed its main page right

See my comments in green


Expertise in main page design – Adroll or Vizury?

The hands down winner is … No prizes for getting that right.

2 thoughts on “How your poorly designed main page can frustrate users

  1. Good Stuff ! Thanks for sharing.

    In the diagram for Adroll – consider writing out each of those elements independently. You could number them and then present cases for each of those. This will allow us to appreciate the options.

    H1 isn’t about header text. Its a tag to markup in HTML so the browser can render it faster. What you’re trying to say is the ‘big bold’ text that makes the catch line. That needn’t be tagged with H1 only.

    Please continue writing and sharing.

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